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Let Us Help You Create Your Family Tree and Discover Your Past

Explore your Czech roots with our expert genealogists. We specialize in uncovering the lives and stories of your ancestors through systematic research.

Pevná cena projektů

The price will not exceed the set amount and will therefore always remain under control.

Výzkum genetické genealogie

The combination of results from classical genealogy with genetic genealogy is possible.

Včas a za stanovenou cenu

Genealogical research is typically completed within 8-10 weeks, but no later than 2 months.

Online konzultace rodokmenu

In case of questions, answers are provided through Email, Zoom and/or Skype.

Czech genealogy research table

Rodokmeny na zakázku

If you’re curious about your identity and the depth of your roots, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Filip, a dedicated history student and professional genealogist.  I lead a team of skilled Czech genealogists who are passionate about uncovering the hidden secrets of your ancestors’ past – from their births and marriages to their personal stories.

We search diligently for everything that connects you to those who came before you, whose blood runs through your veins.

Family tree consultation

Driven by Our values

We believe that everyone should understand the people who shaped their lives today.

Our mission is to help individuals uncover their own past through the lives of their ancestors.

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Polish family photos and story

Genealogický výzkum

Discover the details of your ancestors lives with our assistance. Learn who they were and uncover their unique life stories.

Old czech document

Překlad a přepis starých dokumentů

Transcribing and translating of your documents to assist you in your genealogical research.

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