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Czech family history research

Basic information about Czech genealogy

The tricky thing about making a family tree in Czechia is that you never know how it is going to look like and what are the specific needs of every customer that contacts us. That is why we treat each customer individually and are able to adapt our Czech genealogical research to your wishes.

With the genealogy of common people in Czechia, you can get to the first Austro-Czech parish registers in the 16th to 17th century. In the case of nobility, you can get even older information and pass this “brick wall “.

Basic information is in three main records – birth, marriage, and death. You can find land records, chronicles, and censuses in many localities. With the combination of all these documents, you can get a clearer image about life, confession, profession, nationality, their family members or cause of death, and how long they lived.

Old czech family letters

What do we need from you?

Before we start with our czech genealogical research, we need to know the most important information. Those are:

  • How do you want to conduct research and whom you want to search from (proband)
  • Names and surnames (in case of women maiden name)
  • Dates of birth, marriage, and/or death (every date even indicative can help us)
  • Confession
  • Places related to the lives of your ancestors

Although it is not necessary for creating a research offer, we would be glad if you would consider scanning and sending us your old documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates.

All information we receive from you will be used only for the purpose to conduct czech genealogical research.

Choose your type of family tree research

If you don’t have any idea how to conduct and organize research for your Czech ancestors, these are two basic ways how to style the family tree and how to look for your ancestors.

Those are just for your inspiration and we are opened to any changes or adaptation of the research.


Paternal line by father's side

Direct paternal lineage

This is the most common way how to conduct genealogical research.

We will search for a father of your genealogical subject (proband) and then the father of the father and so on. All these male ancestors will have the same surname, so we can trace it to its roots.

We will look for whole couples. Your male ancestors from the direct parental line will be always included with their wives.

We are not limited just to one direct father’s paternal lineage. We can search through the mother’s side as well.

This type of research is best to combine with genetic genealogical research from the father’s side (Y-DNA).

Paternal - maternal Czech family tree

Direct paternal lineage by mother's side

Both paternal family tree lines

Combination of both sides

Czech maternal family tree

Maternal line by mother's side

Direct maternal lineage

This is not a common way of conducting genealogical research, but it can still reveal really interesting information.

In this scenario, we will search proband’s mother and her husband and then continue with the mother’s mother and so on.

We recommend combining this research with genetic genealogical research from the mother’s side (MtDNA).

Pedigree chart

The family tree is the best option if you want to know every single one of your ancestors.

We will start research from the proband and continue up to his parents, and then every parent’s parent, and so on. The pedigree chart can help you understand your origin, traits and uncover different family lines.

Please keep in mind that this type of research is the most time-consuming.

Czech pedigree chart
Czech family tree research

How long it may take

We can create one full Czech family tree within 8 to 10 weeks, but even though we declare a certain amount of hours that we spend on your project, the report can take longer, sometimes even months after ordering our services.

It is because getting this kind of information takes time. The newer information you are searching the more time-consuming the research is. Unfortunately, we cannot influence how long will scheduling visits in parishes and ordering copies of documents take.

Meanwhile, you can be sure that we will regularly inform you about the work in progress.

Feel free to ask

If you contact us, we will immediately answer all your questions and/or send you the detailed price list.

Each order can be adapted to individual ideas and customer options. There are many variants of orders that we can recommend to you.

Family tree consultation

So, are you ready to discover your Czech family history?

Choose your preferred type of communication.