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Virtual Tours

Abandoned bohemian house

Discover places of your ancestors from your home

In order to discover and understand the lives of our ancestors, it is best to visit the places where they lived. Sometimes, due to travel restrictions or just because of the long distance, it is impossible to visit those places where family history has been written.

That is why we are offering you to visit those places through a video tour. That way you can look for traces of the everyday lives of your ancestors right in their village/town.

We recommend this service as an addition to our regular genealogical research.

Choose your places

We can visit any place you want and look for (almost) everything.  For example, we can take photos of gravestones on local cemeteries, report if the old family house still stands, or document the current state of the village.

Looking for those “traces” can be somewhat tricky because you cannot be prepared for anything. Sometimes some clues you were expecting to find are missing but you can discover something else instead.

We will always stay in touch during this type of research.


Are you ready to discover your family history?

Contact us and we will send you detailed price lists and explain your questions. Each order can be adapted to individual ideas options and needs.